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V-Ray for SketchUp 4.20

V-Ray for Sketchup helps develop Google Sketchup 3D architecture designs
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There are some industries which require the user to materialize some imaginations. A good example can be the field of Architectural Visualizations. Users can create sturdy forms which are yet easy to handle with the help of V-Ray for Google Sketchup. This software helps engineers and 3d programmers to develop engineering and product designs and also helps in many more applications alike.

The tool is full of features which help to take it to the ranking software in this industry. The main feature is the Core Architecture. With this, a multi-threaded core can be built with a multi-platform object-oriented API. The Geometry feature allows the user for perfect geometry handling and true instance rendering. Displacement mapping and on-demand dynamic geometric creation and geometry loading from disk files is also allowed.

Furthermore, this software uses three different image sampling methods, namely, full-scene antialiasing, progressive path tracing and support for additional render elements (diffuse, reflection, GI, etc). It also allows advanced color (tone) mapping controls that are extensible with custom image samplers through the V-Ray SDK. With all the features in this software illumination, shaders, camera effects and changing of frame buffer is also allowed.

Its features include; True Raytraced Reflections & Refractions, Glossy Reflections & Refractions, Global Illumination & Global Lighting
Area Shadows, True HDRI Support, Fully Multi-threaded Raytracing Engine
Ant-aliasing, Native SketchUp Materials Integrated Into V-Ray, Displacement
V-Ray Material Editor With Material Preview, V-Ray Sun and Sky, V-Ray Physical Camera, Depth-Of-Field Camera Effect, Distributed Rendering Over Up To 10 Machines, V-Ray Two-Sided Material For Thin Translucency
Animation Support

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  • Offers many new features and gives a trial copy


  • The user-interface is very complicated for novices
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